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Viking Innovations’ vision is to provide World Class IT services to companies around the globe who want to have us act as your companies IT department

3CX Business

Viking Innovations offers 3CX Business VoIP and PBX solutions. As a partner of 3CX products, Viking Innovations and its team of consultants can design the business VoIP and PBX solution that is right for your company’s needs.

Leading Provider

3CX is a leading provider of IP telephony for business customers. Technically mature products result from many years of development. These include the 3CX IP PBX and various VoIP gateways, standard conform IP telephones, and IP adapters, which can be integrated seamlessly into heterogeneous company structures as a solution for a multi-site telephone system or a hosted PBX.


The 3CX PBX is the centre of all components. The PBX manages the connections between all parts and generates all available supplementary services. The 3CX PBX is a modern PBX that, together with a gateway and terminals, forms an extensive IP based telephony solution. The PBX essentially provides the same features as a traditional PBX. The concept of the 3CX PBX is such that the convergence idea of Voice over IP is used to the extent that new features are available, which would not be possible with traditional telephony.

3CX Compatible VoIP Gateways

VoIP gateways take care of the connection to other systems and especially to the public trunk line. The 3CX compatible gateways are also the hardware base for the PBX software. More than ten years of development has led to the 3CX product range of VoIP gateways. Even the very first gateway was built to be sturdy, and they still do not need any rotating components subject to wear and tear. The products can be used in many different ways, which makes them extremely popular.

Solid Foundation

The VoIP gateways have been optimized for: loop-in operation, redundant use, media gateways as a hardware base for a telephone system and as an ISDN adapter or to extend ISDN over IP. Viking Innovations offers the Business VoIP and PBX solutions your company is seeking, whether you are a small company or a midsized company. We are confident that you will be pleased with the immediate results and long term managed Business VoIP and PBX services and support we offer.

What is the benefit?

Viking Innovations always struggles to give its clients the highest possible ROI, and in this respect, we have managed to offer solutions that are unique throughout the world. We offer local dial tones to/from almost every country globally, and we offer the most inexpensive VSAT solutions combined with VoIP at the highest technical and quality level possible. We are sure you will need many investigations to find a solution that compares (if you even find one) to our pricing, technology, and quality level for the same investments.

Trusted Partners

In order to bring to our clients the best services we have partnered with renowned brands and then following logos, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Nutanix, Furuno, SpeedCast, Sonicwall and VmWare.

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