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Viking Innovations is an international IT company providing services to any industry with a
focus on the oil and gas industry. Viking Innovations was established as a sole company in
Houston in August 2006, and became a corporate identity in early 2007. During this time we
have strategically expanded our business to cover a large portion of the globe.

We continually look for value added solutions that benefit our customers and we grow the
business on realistic view and customer’s needs. Viking Innovations hold a solid liquidity and
we have over the years gained a truly global business perspective.

Viking Innovations currently holds registrations in USA, Singapore, Cyprus and Norway, and
looking to expand into Malaysia.

Our experience within oil and gas industry has provided many challenges which we have
learned from and turned into solid services and solutions. Our low turnover in staff insures
we keep this experience to better serve our customers. Our management has been with
the company since the start in Houston, moving to Singapore and Cyprus and now also
Malaysia. These years of operation have been an amazing and exciting challenge for us, with
installations and services provided all over the world, included very remote areas in Africa,
Asia and Russia.
We are used to harsh conditions from our shipyard and offshore projects/visits and we are
acclimated to unexpected and frequent “surprises” in any environment.
We are very focused on the future, and we really make an effort and aim to provide services
in all corners of the world. No challenge is too big to overcome, just try us and you will see.

Regards Viking Innovations management,

Svein Osnes – Owner, Founder